Ice Cream - Carmen Ziervogel

To celebrate Woman's Day (9 Aug), each artist 'coloured in' one of each of our Colouring Cards as a colab with PB&Co to bring awareness to creative woman in SA. All proceeds of selling this card will go towards art supplies for the girls Good Hope Seminary High School in CT


Ice Cream Dream.  
By Carmen Ziervogel.

Editions: One of one, original

Frame included: 15 x 20cm

Painted in Watercolours and Pen by Carmen.
Carmen is a Cape Town based Illustrator and artist, and Michaelis alumna. Her preferred illustration medium is digital, however she dabbles in oil painting, inks and watercolours on the side. Her small Jewellery business, One for the Birds, keeps her busy, and in her spare time you'll find her browsing in vintage markets gathering treasures. Make contact!

Category: artwork, card

Type: Fine art prints